Direct Marketing

Your power lies in your customer data. Our role is to take that data analyse and understand the modern customer journey in detail. Our task is to generate clear strategies that help your consumers, using push and pull communications, along the journey. Ultimately this leads to solutions which can vary from tried and tested Direct Marketing techniques to more integrated ones.

Electronic Direct Marketing

As electronic media gains momentum we are inevitably seeing a shift towards Online and electronic marketing. Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM), is an extremely powerful and cost effective way of keeping in regular contact with both your existing and prospective clients.

We create evoking HTML emails that are fully personalised to your client-base. These interactive emails have touch points that encourage end user participation keeping your audience fully engaged. The frequency of your email 'blasts' could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly newsletters or special offers on-goingly.

With comprehensive analytics you will have complete transparency on how you audience is engaging and interacting with your eDM campaigns.

  • Cost effective
  • Instant, same day delivery
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Expand your client data base
  • Data enablement
  • Giving your business agility and adaptability
    to changing market trends
  • Show your clients that your business is a sector leader

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